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The inside story of how NYC schools spent $90 million on air purifiers that have stirred controversy

Editing: The company that sold tens of thousands of air purifiers for use in New York City public school classrooms since the start of the pandemic — despite concerns among parents, teachers, and ventilation experts about their efficacy — used a high-powered lobbying firm to target key members of city government.

New documents obtained by Gothamist show just how close some of those relationships were.

NYC Schools Bought Weaker Air Purifiers. Now Underventilated Campuses Are More Prone To COVID Cases

Writing: The New York City public schools that rely solely on open windows and portable air purifiers have seen 23% more COVID-19 cases per students and a 29% increase in staff case rates when compared to buildings with stronger ventilation, such as HVAC systems, according to a new WNYC/Gothamist investigation.

The findings raise new concerns about the adequacy of dozens of public schools as winter approaches and schools struggle to deal with aging buildings amid the pandemic.